Systems Engineering and Technology Management (SETM), M.E.

Graduate Program Director, Master’s Programs:  Esra Agca Aktunc; Catalog 24-25 Link 

The School of Engineering and the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer jointly offer a unique 30 credit hour Master of Engineering (ME) degree in Systems Engineering and Technology Management (SETM) administered through the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department (ISE). The degree is for applicants with an undergraduate engineering degree in any discipline who have a desire to extend their understanding of emerging technologies within their discipline and provide a fundamental background in technical decision making methods and technology management. The unique feature of this program is the fusion of a management/decision sciences core with the student’s undergraduate engineering discipline.

Who can apply?

This 30-credit-hour program leading to the Master of Engineering degree is open to qualified engineering graduates from any institution. The principle target applicant pool is class year Rensselaer seniors from all undergraduate engineering disciplines who desire to complete a master’s degree immediately following completion of the bachelor’s degree.

What is the degree path?

The unique feature of this program is the fusion of a management/decision sciences core with the student’s undergraduate engineering discipline. The curriculum culminates in a four-to-five course concentration in the student’s technical focus area. One technical focus concentration courses can be a project. The technical concentration can be built from courses at the 4000, 6000, and 7000 level. No more than 50% of the credits applied to the degree can be 4000 level courses.

The required management/decision sciences core consists of the courses

ISYE 6610Systems Modeling in Decision Sciences
ISYE 6620Discrete Event Simulation
MGMT 6020Financial Management I (Pre or Co requisite is MGMT 7740)
MGMT 7740Accounting for Reporting and Control

And one of the following:

MGMT 6060 or MGMT 6080 or MGMT 6620

Business Implications of Emerging Technologies

Networks and Value Creation

Principles of Technological Entrepreneurship

Waiver of up to two required courses is possible based on undergraduate coursework. While the course is waived, the student must complete the credit hour requirements by selecting other graduate courses. In general, these courses must be selected from the same department as the waived course. The courses required for the degree selected with the advice of an academic advisor are formalized on a Plan of Study which acts like a contract for the master’s degree. On completion of the listed courses the degree is awarded.

How long does it take?

For most students, degree completion requires full time study, 15 credit hours, 5 courses, in two regular academic semesters at the Troy campus. In general, the course plan of study requires completion of three or four required courses and two or one technical concentration courses in the fall totaling five courses. The spring term consists of two or three technical concentration courses and two or one required courses totaling five courses in the spring. Engineering technical concentration courses usually build on the undergraduate degree with at least 4 courses of which one can be a project. Rensselaer undergraduate students admitted to the SETM degree program prior to award of the bachelor’s degree can begin their graduate course work in their final undergraduate semester provided this does not delay award of the bachelor’s degree.

What is required for favorable admission consideration?

The desired minimum grade point average (GPA) using a 4 point scale is 3.5 but an applicant with outstanding credentials in other areas of academic performance with GPAs above 3.2 is considered for admission. The GPA is confirmed through review of transcript(s) (English translation transcripts required from non US colleges). Application processing is speeded up if the transcript shows grade equivalence to the letter grades of A though F or on a document from the university. For international applicants where the native language is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate degree in an US college or university, the TOEFL is required. The desired minimum TOEFL is 90.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required of all non Rensselaer applicants and may be required for some Rensselaer applicants based on transcript review. The desired minimum quantitative score is 146. The desired minimum verbal score is 156. The desired minimum analytical score is 4.0. Waivers for students with one of the scores are possible if other measures of academic or professional achievement show excellence in the area where the waiver is sought.

What is the cost?

The projected full cost of tuition, fees including health insurance/fee, books, housing, and meals for 2018-19 is 74,500 US dollars for the academic year late August through May of the following year. Aid in the form of teaching or research assistantships is reserved for Industrial and Systems Engineering doctoral students only so no such aid is available to master’s degree students. Work opportunities for masters students are very limited on campus and should not be assumed when planning your attendance. For Rensselaer applicants, please review the information on the Co-Terminal web page for financial aid policies including the policy on paid research and teaching assistant positions.

Where do I start?

The application process for external applicants is completed through the Graduate Admissions site located at Please be aware that our master programs are based on personal funds; we can only offer partial scholarships to merit-based Master applicants. 

For Rensselaer applicants, please see the Co-Terminal web page for application requirements.

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