Support the ISE Excellence Fund

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department (ISE) welcomes donations to support and augment our activities. 

Please Give Today

The ISE Department uses the Industrial and Systems Engineering Excellence Fund for a range of purposes:

  • Student scholarship
    Recognize accomplishments of outstanding ISE students.
  • Student recruiting
    Attract top ISE applications through student awards.
  • Student travel
    Support ISE students presenting their work in conferences and field trips.
  • Student clubs
    Support ISE affiliated clubs such as Alpha Pi Mu and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.
  • ISE course improvement
    Upgrade supplies in ISE courses

There are also naming and endowment opportunities - please contact Dr. Emily Liu to discuss more:

  • Endowed ISE Student Fellowships
    Support ISE graduate student research.
  • Endowed ISE Student Scholarships
    Support ISE undergraduate students.
  • Endowed ISE Space
    Support ISE meeting spaces.
  • Endowed ISE Lecture Series
    Support ISE to build high profile lecture series in cutting-edge research.
  • Endowed ISE Professorships
    Help recruit and support outstanding ISE faculty.
  • Endowed ISE Department
    Provide long-term support for the department.
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