Data Science and Engineering (DSCE) Minor

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers a minor in Data Science and Engineering (DSCE) for undergraduates (minimum of 17 credits required). The minor contributes to students’ ability to organize, analyze and act upon data, particularly for data associated with engineered systems. The course of study will prepare students to combine techniques from systems engineering and data science to address global challenges.  The core of this minor will be taught by industrial and systems engineers who use mathematical, computational, and data models to support decision-making on real problems.

Required courses for the DSCE Minor are (11 credits required):

  • ISYE-2530 Information and Data Systems. Credit hours: 4
  • ISYE-4140 Statistical Analysis. Credit hours: 4
  • ISYE-4330 Design of Experiments. Credit hours: 3

Students must also take a total of at least 2 courses from either or both of the following areas (minimum 6 credits):

Data Quality and Architectures

  • ISYE 4360 Applied Data Science. Credit hours: 4
  • CSCI 4370/ITWS 4960 Data and Society. Credit hours: 4
  • CSCI 4380 Database Systems. Credit hours: 4
  • CSCI 4390 Database Mining. Credit hours: 4 
  • ITWS 4400 X-Informatics. Credit hours: 3
  • ITWS/CSCI 4350 Data Science. Credit hours: 3
  • MATP 4400 Introduction to Data Mathematics. Credit hours: 4

Inference and Learning

  • ISYE 4350 - Systems Engineering and Social Media. Credit hours: 3
  • ISYE 4260 Human Performance Modeling and Support. Credit hours: 3
  • ISYE 4760 Mathematical Statistics. Credit hours: 4
  • ISYE 4810 Computational Intelligence. Credit hours: 3
  • CSCI 4250 Frontiers of Network Science. Credit hours: 4
  • BIOL 4200 Biostatistics. Credit hours: 4
  • BMED 4470 Biostatistics for Life Science Applications. Credit hours: 3
  • BMED 4480 Biomedical Data Science. Credit hours: 4
  • ECON 4570 Econometrics. Credit hours: 4
  • PSYC 4310 Research Methods and Statistics II. Credit hours: 4

*Other courses are subject to ISE Department approval. Students pursuing this minor must satisfy the prerequisites as needed, which may involve additional course work


How to Enroll?

  • Submit the Minor Approval Form:

Undergraduate Minor Approval Form(9/22)