Debjani Ray-Majumder

PhD Student
Contact Information: 
Focus Area: 
Knowledge discovery and natural language processing for healthcare decision support systems.

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University

M.S. Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

B.S. Physics, University of Calcutta, India

Sample Research Projects: 

Predicting public reaction to social media messaging by major public health organization.

Selected Publications: 

Should we tweet this? Generative response modeling for predicting reception of public health messaging on Twitter. (ACM WebSci)

Soleus H-reflex excitability changes in response to sinusoidal hip stretches in the injured human spinal cord. (Neuroscience Letters)

Pre and post alpha motoneuronal control of the soleus H-reflex during sinusoidal hip movements in human spinal cord injury (Brain Research)