Deborah McGuinness

Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair, Professor of Computer Cognitive, and Information Technology and Web Sciences

Deborah McGuinness is a leading expert in knowledge representation and reasoning languages and systems and has worked in ontology creation and evolution environments for over 30 years. McGuinness is well known for her leadership role in semantic web research, and for her work on explanation, trust, and applications of semantic web technology, particularly for scientific applications.

“I am interested in making smart systems that help people and machines function better,” said McGuinness. “My slant on this work is to research, develop, and use semantic technologies that allow people and machines to represent, reason with, visualize, and explain information in ways that support understanding and (re)use.   My application areas cover a wide range of domain areas, but often in earth and space science informatics and health informatics.”

Her main research thrusts are in languages, tools, and environments for the semantic web. More recently Deborah has led a range of efforts centering around semantically-enabled knowledge portals. Some examples include the Human Health Exposure Analysis Repository, that is a joint project between RPI and Mount Sinai and is funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Another example is the MaterialsMine project that is funded by the National Science Foundation's Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) program and is a next generation data portal for material Science.

Focus Area: 
Ontologies, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data