Adaptive Supply Chains

The research theme of adaptive supply chains focuses on the logistics of efficiently deploying finite resources to assemble, transport, sustain and distribute people and goods, thereby facilitating the fulfillment of demand associated with economic commerce, national defense, disaster response, and/or humanitarian aid. Traditional approaches are insufficient to model current and next-generation supply chains where criteria related to risk management, information visibility, and resilience are emerging as critical factors in evaluating planning decisions. Example projects in this area include:



  • e-commerce
  • crowd-sourced
  • IoT
  • smart manufacturing
  • automation


  • on demand
  • interactive
  • distributed decision-making

Sharing Economies

Research into sharing economies is examining how to increase resource efficiency through the sharing of existing, idle capacity by creating approaches to match supply and demand in these systems.

Service Systems Engineering

ISE research in service systems engineering builds on the complementarity of services and manufacturing in applying cyberinfrastructure  to produce and provide on-demand, mass-customized services.

Decision Making in Logistics
Decision Making in Logistics
Risk Management in Supply Chain
Risk Management in Supply Chain
Supply Chain Resiliency
Supply Chain Resiliency
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