Cheng (Kent) Hsu

Cheng (Kent) Hsu

Dr. Hsu is currently engaging in research on human hyper-networks, including their thery, models, and applications to human centered cyper-physical systems. His prior research covered enterprise information integration and modeling, with applications to computerized manufacturing and service systems. He developed a Metadatabase technology to help accomplish the connection of independent databases in a scalable manner, ranging from inter-operating distributed enterprise databases to massive collaborationof Internet databases acros enterprises, and all the way to building the Big Data for an application domain. This technology has also been applied to natural language processing and yielded a patented method that predated the SIRI system. On service science, he developed a theory of Digital Connections Scaling to help explain the waves of innovation that have been driving our new economy since the advent of computers and infdormation technology. The theory hypothesized pervasive digitaization of our physical resources and systems, their ubiquitous connections by digital means, and the scaling up, down, and transformationally of these connections to co-create value among humans. The Hyper-Network model was theorized to be a basic knowledge representation and analysis method for Big Data and massive analytics that accompany digital connections scaling ,In addition to the above research works, Dr. Hsu has also collaborated with colleagues to study sustainability design for products and production systems, and alternative energy system design for micro grids at the community level. 

Dr. Hsu is equally devoted to higher education. His teaching encompassed undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels on topics including information systems, discrete event simulation, database systems, e-commerce engineering, manufacturing enterprises, and others,  At present, he is heavily involved in the engineering capstone design projects. The problems of how best allocate and utilize resources to align topic-based standardized classroom teaching to individual needs and growth deeply motivated him, as a new direction of research.

He has been a principal investigator of Rensselaer's Computer-Integrated Manufacturing and Adaptive Integrated Manufacturing programs, and a number of other government- and industry-sponsored projects. The sponsors include companies such as Alcoa, Digital, GE, GM, IBM, and Samsung Electronics, and government sources such as the U.S. National Science Foundation, Army Research, New York State, and NATO. His publications include a textbook on Information Systems, several research monographs and edited volumes, and over a hundred scholarly papers in a number of archival journals and proceedings. A good portion of the above works are included in his Website at, entitled Enterprise Integration and Modeling. 

Focus Area: 
human hyper-networks, enterprise information integration and metadatabases, natural language processing and cyber-physical system analytics, digital connections scaling for cyberspace-augmented enterprises.

Ph.D., Ohio State University Management Sciences
M.S., Ohio State University Industrial and Systems Engineering
B.S., Tunghai University Industrial Engineering