Community Resiliency

Hurricane - Disaster Response

Photo credit: NASA

The research theme of disaster response focus on applying ISE tools to help better prepare for, respond to, and recover from significant disruptive events that impact the critical infrastructure and supply chain networks which form the backbone of today's society. Our faculty are creating new computational models and analytical tools that allow decision-makers to gain new insights into how to make society more resilient to potentially catastrophic events. Example projects in this area include:


  • infrastructure
  • environment
  • smart building / city
  • security


  • human-centric
  • interdependency
  • social media

Infrastructure Resiliency Overview


Use of Social Media for Collective Behavior Prediction

Law Enforcement

ISE research in law enforcement examines issues on how to effectively allocate scarce resources to activities that focus on gaining intelligence about criminals and in physically arresting them.

Disruption of Illegal Supply Chain: Drug Interdiction