Kaan Unnu

Focus Area: 
His research focuses on the new approaches and innovative methods to fulfill the degree of flexibility, agility, and visibility needed for today’s supply chains.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (1995-1999)
Master of Science in Quality Management (2001-2003)
Ph.D. - Industrial & Systems Engineering (2016-2020)

Sample Research Projects: 
Awards & Honors: 

(2019) Founders Award of Excellence at Rensselaer’s 26th Annual Honors Convocation
(2019) Storage Manufacturers Association Honor Scholarship, MHEFI
(2019) RPI – Graduate Research Symposium – Best Research Poster
(2019) Selected attendee at INFORMS Doctoral Colloquium Seattle, WA
(2019) Selected attendee at IISE Doctoral Colloquium Orlando, FL
(2018) Rack Manufacturers Institute/John Nofsinger Honor Scholarship, MHEFI
(2017) Selected attendee at Amazon Research Symposium, Amazon HQ, Seattle, WA

Selected Publications: 

• Pazour, J., & Unnu, K., “On the Unique Features and Benefits of On-Demand Distribution Models”, (2018). Progress in Material Handling Research.
• K. Unnu, J.A. Pazour, “Analyzing Varying Cost Structures of Alternative Warehouse Strategies”, (2019).  in Proceedings of the 2019 IISE Annual Conference, Orlando, FL

Submitted Papers:
• K. Unnu, J.A. Pazour, A. Megahed and C. Narayanaswami “Blockchain Enabled Supply Chains: Classification, Decision Framework, and Research Opportunities”
• F. Tornesea, K. Unnu, M.G. Gnonia, J.A. Pazour, “Exploring facility design and operations for on-demand warehousing models”

Working Papers:
• K.Unnu, J.A. Pazour, “Anaylzing Supply Chain networks with On-demand distribution options”
• K.Unnu, J.A. Pazour, “An heuristic approach to dynamic Facility Location Problem with different granularity options”