RPI IIE Student Chapter Won Gold Award

The RPI IIE Student Chapter has won the Gold Award for the second year in a row. The award recognizes the chapter's overall achievements in AY 2013-2014. There are nearly 130 active student chapters in the US and the award places us among the top 1/3rd. The Chapter is getting ready for the new academic year with lots of exciting events for the IME students. Recently, the Chapter made contact with the Professional Chapter of Syracuse and is planning to have several joint events with them. These will include site visits, guest speakers, video conferencing and more. The Chapter is also planning to continue the series of Green Belt Certification through the IIE next semester as it is becoming a hit among engineering students. Also, in the agenda are social events for undergrads and much more.

President: Eric Benaim
Vice President: Farida Belo-Osagie
Secretary: Jane Braun
Treasurer: Franlin Lan
Membership Director: Leondra (Patrice)McGahee
Newsletter Editor: Caroline Brunson
Webmaster: Dede Dolkar
Adviser: Dr. Mohamed Aboul-Seoud.