Dr. Yinan Wang Selected as a 2023 CMMI’s Game Changer Academies (CGCA) Panel Fellow

Dr. Yinan Wang has been selected as a 2023 CGCA Panel Fellow in the 2023 CMMI's Game Changer Academies program. CGCA for Advancing Research Innovation is a partnership between Kardia Group and the CMMI division of the Engineering directorate within the National Science Foundation (NSF). CGCA builds on NSF’s robust agenda for rewarding innovation and transformative science by focusing on improving panel discussions, ameliorating a variety of forms of cognitive bias, and examining the meaning of “high risk/high reward” in an engineering context.

Game Changer Academies is an investment in NSF, innovative scholarship, and the peer review process. Panel Fellows support cutting edge scholarship; help align panels with the goals of NSF; increase consistency, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness in the review process; and create better reviewer experiences for the scores of scholars who contribute to the NSF peer review process.

Game Changer Academies contributes to the advancement of research innovation by looking at how four topics impact the funding deliberation process: group behaviors, cognitive bias, social identity, and conflict.  

Over time, this investment in skilled discussion participants will elevate both the process and the outcomes of peer review in CMMI and will pave the way for NSF reviews more broadly – which already serve as a gold standard in the advancement of scientific knowledge