Martha Grabowski Shares Research Insight on Safety and Reliability

Dr. Grabowski will share her research insight on the interactions, vulnerabilities and risks of technology and people in safety- and mission-critical large-scale systems, in the high reliability systems with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on September 10, 2013. NTSB is investigating the role of safety cultures in transportation, following the series of aviation, rail and marine accidents in 2013. Dr. Grabowski will present early work with 3 international shipping companies that identifies key performance metrics of safety culture in marine transportation and her current work to study the links between safety culture and performance in other large-scale, safety- and mission-critical systems . Currently, Dr. Grabowski is working with Dr. Tom Sharkey, Dr. Al Wallace and Ph.D. student Richard Garrett to develop and explore dynamic models for Arctic resource allocation (DMARA), including applications in oil spill response, marine transportation risk, and large-scale search and rescue . Following Dr. Grabowski’s presentations to the NTSB’s Safety Culture forum, she will host the Vice Chair of the NTSB, Dr. Chris Hart, along with Dr. Earl Carnes from the Department of Energy; Rear Admiral Tom Eccles of the Naval Sea Systems Command; Dr. John Carroll from MIT; and Dr. Karlene Roberts from the University of California, Berkeley at a research symposium on The Future of High Reliability Organizations at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York on September 12, 2013. More information about Dr. Grabowski’s research can be found at