RPI's ARPA-E Project was Awarded $2.66 Million Grant

Two ISE professors, affiliated Associate Professor Aparna Gupta (PI, Lally) and Assistant Professor Kristen Schell (co-PI), have been awarded a three-year, $2.66 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) PERFORM (Performance-based Energy Resource Feedback, Optimization, and Risk Management) program. Joint with co-PIs Professors Joe Chow and Koushik Kar in ECSE, as well as team members from industry partner AWS-UL, NSCU and Sandia National Laboratory, the RPI-lead team will design risk scores that communicate the delivery risk of an asset’s offer, such as the reliability of electricity from a solar plant due to the weather on a given day. Dr. Schell will develop models of the correlation structures between renewable energy plants in a system, enabling a higher amount of renewable power to be delivered to end-users. They will also develop grid management systems that internally capture uncertainty and evaluate the system risk to meet or exceed a set baseline. This risk-driven paradigm will enable grid operators to better maintain a supply-demand balance and system reliability, even with the intermittency of renewables. They in turn can optimally manage the system and assess the true value of essential reliability services in real time, allowing for a more diverse energy mix.