Tom Sharkey receives 2015 ISE Faculty Award for Excellence

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is re-establishing the ISE Faculty Award for Excellence. This award recognizes and supports outstanding accomplishments in teaching, research, or advising of the members of the faculty (including Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty and Lecturers) of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The 2015 recipient is Professor Thomas C. Sharkey , in recognition of his outstanding research accomplishments and education innovation. Tom’s research focuses on developing innovative models and algorithms in operations research for applications in areas of public interest, including supply chain restoration, Arctic infrastructure planning, and drug network interdiction. Motivated by the large dynamic interconnected networks in these problems, Tom developed a new class of problems called integrated network design and scheduling (INDS) which integrates the dynamic nature of the network topology into the scheduling algorithm. Tom has published his research findings extensively including 3 journal papers in 2014. His research is supported by two highly competitive single-investigator grants from the National Science Foundation: the NSF CAREER Award on applying INDS formulation and solution to supply chain restoration under extreme events, and an NSF Collaborative Research grant on resource allocation for drug interdiction. On the education front, Tom and his former Ph.D. student Sarah Nurre have compiled a set of video tutorials for his Operations Research Methods course and made them available on a Youtube channel ( (the overview, including example material, may be found at Congratulations, Tom!