Mark Embrechts and Team Wins Best Paper Award, Appears in Nature Correspondence

ISE Professor Mark Embrechts' paper "The neural support vector machine," won the Best Paper Award in the highly selective 25th Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC 2013) held in Delft, The Netherlands, November 7-8, 2013. The co-authors are: M. A. Wiering, M. H. van der Ree, M. J. Embrechts, M. F. Stollenga, A. Meijster, A. Nolte, L. R. B. Schomaker,

Professor Embrechts' note, "Errors in research and ethical lapses in journals: More problematic and frequent than one would expect," appeared in Nature Correspondence, Nature 504:33, Dec 5, 2013. The co-authors are:
Jonathan D. Linton, Quanhong Jiang, Christopher J. Gatti, Xiandong Chen, and Mark J. Embrechts