Jennifer Ryan Wins NSF Grant on Inventory Management

ISE Associate Professor, Jennifer Ryan, was awarded by the National Science Foundation for a three-year research grant entitled "Improved Spare Parts Inventory Management in Aircraft Engines through Hybrid Sensing."  This GOALI (Grant Opportunity for Academic Industry Liaison) grant is in partnership with Ana Muriel of University of Massachusetts, Robert X. Gao of University of Connecticut, and Robert N. Tomastik of Pratt & Whitney. The objective of this project is to develop the science and tools to transform sensor readings from a large number of distributed working devices in the field into reliable forecasts and inventory policies for the spare parts required to maintain those devices. While equipment health monitoring is of high relevance to many manufacturers, the application context of this project is on perhaps the most complex of all: commercial jet engines. This research will be conducted in conjunction with the industrial partner, Pratt & Whitney. As part of its emphasis on comprehensive after-sales service, P&W has also become a leader in the use of sensor technologies for engine maintenance management, providing tools for trend detection and fault isolation.