Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Director, Masters Program: William Foley

Industrial and Management Engineering MS/MEng Program

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department offers the Master of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Industrial and Management Engineering. Both degrees require a minimum of 30 credit hours. The Master of Science degree requires a thesis. The Master of Engineering degree is a non-thesis option. All applicants to the IME Master’s programs must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Degree Requirements: 
Industrial and Management Engineering M.S./M.Eng.

Systems Engineering and Technology Management (SETM)

The School of Engineering and the Lally School of Management jointly offer a unique Master of Engineering program in Systems Engineering and Technology Management (SETM) that is administered through the ISE department.
Although the program is open to qualified undergraduates from other institutions, it is primarily intended as a co-terminal degree option for Rensselaer engineering undergraduates. The unique feature of this program is the fusion of a management/decision sciences core with the student’s undergraduate engineering discipline. It is designed to provide engineering students with an opportunity to extend their understanding of emerging technologies within their disciplines while providing fundamental background in technical decision making methods and technology management.

The program provides essential background in the financial metrics of business performance, the analytical modeling tools for applying these metrics in organizational and technical decision making systems, and the critical challenges associated with new models of value creation and business growth across different industries. Students will be prepared for technical management roles as they simultaneously extend their expertise in their undergraduate engineering disciplines beyond the Bachelor’s level. Graduates of the program will be prepared to assume management responsibilities sooner upon entering the professional workforce. 

Degree requirements: 
Master of Engineering program in Systems Engineering and Technology Management (SETM)


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